Endearment Lines
  Always In Our Hearts
  Always In Our Memories  
  Always Loved And Remembered  
  Deeply Loved And Never Forgotten  
  Forever At Peace  
  Forever in Our Hearts
  In God's Care
  Gone But Not Forgotten  
  Lord Have Mercy On Us  
  Love Has No End  
  Remembered With Love
  Rest In Peace  
  Safely Home  
  Until We Meet Again  
  In Loving Memory  
  Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten  
  Lost For Now, But Loved Forever  
  Faith Was Her Anchor, Welcomed She Will Be
  Her Heart Shall Be Filled With Praises  
  Rest Mother, Rest In Peace  
  He Shall Sing With The Angels  
  Dad, Peace Be With You  
  God Has Called A great Man Home To Heaven  
  She Shall Dance With The Angels  
  She Took The Hand Of Her Lord Today  
  A Gentle Man and a Gentleman  
  He Is Walking on The Streets Of Gold  
  I Will See My Love In Heaven  
  Her Heart Was Pure, And Full Of Joy  
  Child or Infant  
  Children Bring Their Own Love With Them When They Come  
  No Jewel Is As Perfect As The Innocence Of A Child  
  Children Are The Heritage Of The Lord .....Psalms 127:3  
  Remembering A Tiny Angel  
  So Small, So Sweet, So Soon  
  Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven
  This Child, Resting In The Arms Of God  
  Heaven Awaits This child  
  This Little One Shines Like A Star In The Heavens  
  Bless The Little Children
  Rest In Peace, O' Ye Child Of God  
  Our Child, Always To Be Remembered  


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